A good American

Who is a good American? That is basically a fairly simple question, but the different political ideologies, cultural and religious and racial and ethnic and economic differences that mark residents who live within these American states distort any simple answer that anyone might give to this question.

There is no doubt about the fact that the American population consists of a very diverse collection of individuals, perhaps more diverse than any other place on earth. And our public media are full of daily reports and discussions regarding the efforts of various political representatives and various social and private agencies to provide what is “good” for their constituents, but there doesn’t seem to be much consensus on what would be “good” for most Americans. And some of our legal representatives and officials can’t seem to decide what laws of our land and statues of our Constitution would be “good” to enforce and other officials and residents are working to change some of these laws and write new ones. So there seems to be a lot of diverse opinions regarding what would be “good” for the residents of these American states and ultimately who is a good American.

What has respect for our laws got to do with whether or not an individual is a “good American”? In light of the diversity of our residents, what has respect for individual differences got to do with who is a good American? What personal qualities or civic virtues make a person “a good American”? Let’s talk about this.

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A good American — 4 Comments

  1. Rand Paul’s statement about “mandatory sentencing” is another breaking of the Constitution. He is the executive branch and as such has no authority over the Judicial branch. Also by his term “economically deprived” are the people who will not work.

  2. Clifford, I assume that the point of your comment, which I had to edit for it to read in a sensible way, is that Rand Paul is not “a good American”, according to something that he apparently recently said. But it is not clear from your comment what Rand Paul completely and clearly said that drew your response to his statement. I agree that anyone who seeks to “break” or to change the Constitution through non legislative procedures is not “a good American”. Our Constitution is a basic statement that really defines our “American” standards for living in this country. It might help us to understand your comment and your point more completely if you would give us some more details regarding his statement. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I think a good American is someone who holds true to the constitution. You need something to believe in God, etc. look at our kids they aren’t too bright. Everything is a bumper sticker to them. Checks and Balances in the government, integrity, and we cannot cater to all these special interests that just makes it worse and ppl would rather have their community in good, but they don’t think of being a good American. As in what Kennedy said, “Dont ask

  4. I think being a good American is one who can enjoy the benefits of being an American, and at the same time assume responsibility of maintaining the higher call.
    An honest and thorough examination of nearly every problem in America, would reveal most if not all of them can be traced back down to reveal they are rooted in a moral and spiritual deficit which must be addressed…

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