My Friend Died

My friend died today. In fact, a great friend of mine died today. I’m sad to realize that we won’t be having any more conversations on the phone or sharing email messages about our computers. But I’m relieved to know that he will no longer be lying totally helpless in a bed in a rehabilitation center where he was placed after a massive stroke several months ago. There isn’t much that is good about the death of a friend, but I can have some good feelings about this death because I know that my friend is now with his Lord and Savior Jesus. His life of work for his Lord and his family is over, and he is now ready to receive God’s eternal blessings for his faith. What do you feel when a friend dies? In the midst of your sadness and grief, what gives you a good feeling? When your friends die, what lessons or insights come to your mind? When my friend died I learned some more. Let’s talk about this.

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My Friend Died — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Steve. You’re right. His death has left a “hole” that can never be filled up with his particular friendship, because that is no longer available to me. But our friendship included some blessings that death cannot destroy, and these blessings are good. One of these blessings is the opportunity that we had to share in God’s ministry of teaching the “truth” of his word. May God bless you with such friends!

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