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This is a good blog, because it clearly seeks to get individuals talking, thinking, and using what is good, what is really good, in their lives. Everyone everywhere is bombarded everyday with ads and other appealing messages to try something that is suppose to provide benefits that will be “good” for them. It is not always easy to discern the true value of something in contrast to its hyped up claims. In this blog we will post statements regarding some of these things and some of their respective claims so that we may clearly recognize what is ultimately good. Everyone is welcome to read the posts and the comments, and those who would like to participate in the discussion of these matters are encouraged to register and to add their comments.  I will do my best to keep the comments and responses respectful, but it should be recognized from the start that not everything is “good”, so different opinions and evaluations are to be expected. I am not going to promote what I believe to be “bad”, but I’m open to serious discussions about the matter. Let’s talk about what is good!

It may help to recognize that this blog is not a billboard for other websites, so comments should be addressed to the posted issues and the questions related to them. General comments regarding this blog or particular posts, even if they are compliments, will be treated as “spam” unless they contribute to the ongoing discussion of these issues. If you just like a particular post, but you are not inclined to comment on it, just click one or more of the social network icons at the bottom of each post to record your recommendation. That will help to draw more readers to my blog. If you want to subscribe to an RSS feed reader to keep up to date on my blog, you should enter this URL into the subscription form for your service, http://www.christianityetc.org/blog/feed/. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

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