Amazing love

I am amazed at how our little dog can fill our home and our lives with so much love even though he is no longer present with us. We had to put him to sleep on March 8th after he began to develop a series of strokes every time he tried to walk. He had had a heart murmur for quite awhile, but he just got so weak that he could no longer move without suffering a stroke. Gizmo was a 15 year old Shih Tzu male member of our family for 8 years.

He was my wife’s “sweetheart” and my devoted friend. He was definitely spoiled, and he didn’t always mind, but he always stayed close to one of us. She fed him every day and I took him out 3-4 times a day so he could do his duty. He loved to have me rub his ears and his belly, and he would lick my hand to show his appreciation for my care.

Although it was sometimes a frustrating experience to take care of him, he never really got angry with me and he usually followed me around the house when he wasn’t sleeping. Although his absence has created a huge void in our home, his amazing love is filling it.

His love reminds me of the amazing love that my “master” Jesus has for me. Jesus died for me, being crucified on a cross to redeem me from the destructive power of Satan and the sin that he generated in my life. I have professed to be a “disciple” of Jesus and to follow him as a learning “servant” for many years now, but Gizmo has taught me in a new way what it really means to be a “devoted disciple” and to daily “follow” my “master”.

I hope that you have a devoted pet in your life and that you are being blessed by his or her unconditional amazing love every day. And I pray that you also have experienced the amazing love of Jesus. If you haven’t, I have some resources on my website that can introduce you to Jesus. You will find them here: I will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about any of those materials or to discuss this matter further with you on this blog. Let’s talk about this matter of such “amazing love”.

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Amazing love — 2 Comments

  1. Amazing love – such a powerful phrase, and so true. I’m reminded of the time when I first saw my son Tim as he was born. The love was instantaneous. To see him in person was instantly so different than to know he was in the womb. The love was unconditional. It didn’t matter what his health was, I loved him.

    And similarly, it gave me a picture of Jesus love for – unconditional. I had never experienced such an understanding of His love for me – so complete – so all encompassing – so powerful.

    Being a parent has taught me so much about God’s love for me. It makes much more confident of His caring Hand and listening Heart.

  2. I pray that your pet made it to Heaven. I pray that God answers you. Under the kingdom of God- you are safe.

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