Good credit

One’s credit rating is an indication of the level of faith that a lender has in his or her ability and willingness to repay any funds that the lender might advance to him or her. It is apparently based on the person’s current financial assets and his or her financial history. A good credit rating is a valuable resource to have. It can be very useful in any time of emergency when a major expense is necessary to handle some unforeseen circumstance. But it may be lost or jeopardized or changed if a person uses his or credit to make purchases that he or she knows are unnecessary and beyond his or her anticipated timely income.

Good Credit?

This matter of one’s credit rating has some things in common with one’s faith in God. What is God’s credit rating with you? How much faith do you have in him to pay for your sins with the bloody sacrifice of his Son, Jesus? God has said that he would do this if you would repent of your sins, acknowledge Jesus as the Lord of your life, and trust them. For some insight into this matter see this statement on my website: “Faith”.

This matter of faith and trust is a very basic part of living in a world that is filled with all kinds of risks and unloving enemies. Whether you are concerned with some economic or spiritual matters in your life, let’s talk about a good credit rating for you and God.

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  1. Thanks Krankenkasse for your comment. The point of my post is that this matter of using credit should be decided by more than just an assessment of one’s credit rating or the risks involved in using a line of credit to make a purchase. The use of one’s funds, those available through credit and those available as cash on hand, should all be made in accord with one’s trust of God and one’s basic commitment to the careful management of all of the resources that God has entrusted to him or her. What is God’s credit rating with you?

  2. Mariusz,
    Whom do you trust with some “instant cash”? And how is your degree of trust related to their credit rating? What is God’s “credit rating” with you? What is your “credit rating” with God? Let’s talk about these matters.

  3. This is why it is very important for you to improve your credit score even if you already have a good credit score. It will mean lower interest rates and also more chances of getting the loans you need.

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    • Hi Kelli,
      You apparently “feel OK” because you feel confident that there will be someone “out there” who will trust you enough to “loan” you some money so that you can get out of “the corner” of debt in which you found yourself. But that attitude is the cause of the major financial problems that confront many individuals and nations in the world today. Should I “feel OK” when my government felt that it was necessary to borrow billions of dollars to “bail out” some major financial institutions to keep them from going broke because they had made some very risky loans to some people who got themselves into financial “corners” from mortgages for houses that were reasonably beyond their income levels to purchase? Too much “good credit” can be seductive, causing individuals and nations to try to live and to function beyond the financial levels that would reasonably support them. I don’t think that taking a “term loan every year” is a wise course of action for you or for me or for anyone these days. I think that it is good to trust God for one’s “daily bread” and have enough money saved to avoid getting into any “corners”. Thanks for your comment.

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    • I am certain that trust is an essential part of living. When either you or I reach a point of crisis in our lives, whether it is financial or comes in another form, our progress through it will depend a lot on whom we trust for help. And another word for “trust” is “faith”. Check out my statement on “faith”, then come back with any further questions or comments. I didn’t see any mistakes in this post. Please be specific if you see something that needs to be corrected. Thanks for your interest and compliment regarding my post.

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