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The domain for my website is Christianityetc.org. It is about “Christianity and what is good forever”, and it includes this blog. It provides statements from me about matters in life that can provide benefits to individuals that will be good forever, not just for one’s lifetime. I recognize that other individuals may see these matters differently than I do, and that they may have different opinions regarding their “goodness”, but nevertheless I offer these statements for everyone’s consideration. Neither my site nor my blog have been set up to be platforms for contentious debates about these matters. Everyone ultimately has to decide for himself or herself what is “good” in his or her life, and I am not the final judge!


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  1. This is actually my first time right here, truly good looking weblog. I discovered a lot of fascinating stuff within your blog especially it’s discussion. From all the comments on your articles, it appears like this is truly a very well-liked web site. Keep up the great function.

  2. If you are talking about the theme and format for my basic website, I did code it myself. Thanks for the compliment, but I would like to have you consider some of my statements.

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