Whom do you trust?

Whom do you trust today?

Unless you are able to provide all that you need yourself, you have to trust someone or several someones to help you to get the necessary resources to meet your needs. Initially in your life, you are probably dependent upon your parents to provide you with what you need, so you basically trust them. But then you begin to learn that there are other individuals, like grandparents, who can supply you with what you need or want. And as you grow physically and socially you begin to expand and to revise your list of individuals whom you are willing to trust enough to expect them to care enough about you to provide you with some resources to meet your needs. These individuals may be “friends”, “siblings”, your “spouse”, a “neighbor”, your “employer”, or some “professional” person who provides you with an important service like health care or financial advice.

Our society is changing very drastically and very quickly, so it is no longer easy to discern whom to trust. Advisors or other “professionals” or “employers” may have let you down or in someway seriously harmed the level of trust that you had in them, so you are somewhat nervous in regard to your ability to get the necessary resources that they provided for you. You may be out of a job after years of faithful service and even some special costly education and training, so your personal financial resources are in serious danger of being depleted. And too many government officials and representatives don’t seem to have any effective or even reasonable solutions to the problems that you face in your efforts to meet some of your basic needs in life.

Whom do you trust in politics?

Millions of people will be voting in the next general election with specific choices that they hope will provide some beneficial changes in the personal struggles that they face in their daily lives to meet some of their basic needs. They will be making specific choices regarding whom they trust in government to help them to meet these needs. But government officials may not have the authority or the resources to make the necessary changes that will provide the resources for millions of needy nervous Americans.

This issue of trust is a very practical and serious daily matter for many Americans today. It can affect decisions that will have severe immediate and long-term consequences for the individual decider as well as his or her dependents or others in his or her social circle. Millions of Americans, as well as individuals in other nations of the world, are looking for people whom they can trust to help them to secure some of the basic resources that they need for their daily lives. And many of the potential benefactors are not able to provide sufficient details or evidence of their worth to be trustworthy.

Whom do you trust? In your opinion, what makes a person trustworthy? What are you looking for in your governmental representatives or other potential benefactors that will make them worthy of your trusting vote or confidence? How often do you ask yourself whom do you trust? Let’s talk about this.

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