What is good?

What is good in your life? There is a lot of talk these days about what is wrong in America, and there are apparently a lot of serious problems facing citizens in other nations as well. Severe economic challenges are evident in many major countries of the world, and violent protests against various “abuses” of people are daily reported in the media and social platforms of our world. So we have hundreds of daily statements regarding various serious problems facing people in our world, but there is almost nothing being said about what is good? anywhere in the world.

And apparently there isn’t a lot of confidence among the voting citizens in America that either one of the candidates for president can fix the problems. They each claim that they will be able to do so, if given the chance. But neither one of them are too specific when it comes to citing the details regarding how the “fixes” will be accomplished. And the representatives of the American people in Congress seem to be reluctant to take any “bold” steps to “fix” the problems or even to reasonably address the issues. The facts regarding these national and personal economic problems and the danger of personal violent abuse that faces many people in our world are clearly cited, but in many cases the talk is only about who is to blame for the problems without anyone proposing reasonable solutions to them.

What is good in your life?

Let’s talk about this. Do you have any good news to report where you live? Who do you know who is being able to solve some of these serious problems that are facing many individuals today? How are they doing it? Many people throughout the world are really needing to hear some answers to this question: What is good?. Share your comments.

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