Violence against women

There seems to be some recognition among law enforcement professionals that there’s an increase in violence against women. The rise in the number of crimes ‘featuring’ violence against women and teen-aged girls confirms this.

Have you noticed lately how many TV programs feature such activity as a part of their stories? I understand that watching violent acts does not make a person violent, but I’m wondering about how much exposure to this kind of activity is not good, particularly for children and those in their teen years. What difference does it make in what a person sees or what one views on a regular basis? What is of good visual benefit? What do you think of this matter? Why is there violence against women in the first place? Let’s talk about this.

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Violence against women — 3 Comments

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  2. “You misplaced me, buddy. I suggest, I suppose I get what you’re saying. I get exactly where you’re coming from. But you only seem to have forgotten that there are men and women on the market who can see this challenge for what it really is and may not concur with you. You seem to alienate a whole bunch of individuals who could possibly have been fans of your blog.”

    • I don’t expect everyone to agree with my perspective on the issues that I address in my posts. I really want to stimulate some discussion regarding these matters. In your opinion, what might be some harmful effects of watching too many scenes of violence against women on TV? What difference does it make to individuals what they like to watch as they form their attitudes and beliefs and codes of conduct, particularly toward women and young girls? Let’s talk about this.

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