The U.S. Election

Unify our nation
Everyone agrees that the election of Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States of American was a major political achievement that has seldom, if ever, been seen before. It has been said that he has turned the political situation in these States on its “head”. He and the other political leaders of our country agree that they and the representatives of the people of this country need to now work respectfully together to unite our people at every level of government into a unified body of Americans who are committed to preserving and implementing the ideals of freedom and the rule of law and its principles of justice and respect for individual differences and dreams for everyone who chooses to participate in this special gathering of people in this world.

It is obvious that the people of this country are still divided in some of the basic objectives for their political activity in spite of the fact that one political party holds the majority of seats in both houses of Congress as well as the presidency, so the task of building unity through our political procedures will not be easy. New leaders will be installed into positions of responsibility. Some bureaucratic programs will be changed. New rules will be passed and others will be removed. Relationships between civic leaders at all levels of authority, domestic and foreign, will be reviewed and refreshed.

The residents of these United States will find themselves to be under a revised form of political processes that are somewhat different from what has been practiced for many previous decades, but the officials of these political processes will also be aware of a persist new voice with a clear message from a large group of American citizens who in the past have been somewhat silent and passive in regard to their individual participation in these processes. Politics in these United States will never return to “business as usual”.

Your participation
Regardless of whether or not you voted or which side of the aisle your representative in Congress sit or even if you are not a citizen of this country, you are going to be affected by the changes that are going to be implemented in the way that Americans conduct the business of their government from now on. What changes are you anxious to see made in our civic situation in these States? How do you plan to personally participate in this business from now on? Let’s talk about this in a positive way to enhance the ideals of the American form of government for all of our people.


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  1. One year later, its a different world! Who knew that nuclear war might be a thing to be concerned about ! Trade and prosperity has become a hot topic ! Sex in all forms is in the headlines ; even with all this turmoil , there is still peace that is had with Jesus ( the Prince of Peace) ! Hal

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