Everyone wants to feel safe and to be safe no matter where he or she lives. They especially want to be safe in their home. They particularly want their spouse and children and other family members to also be and to feel safe where they are. This desire extends to places of work and schools and places of doing personal business and places where them and their children may congregate to play. They would certainly like to be safe and to feel safe where they worship and gather to study their religious books and to pray with their friends. They would like to feel safe while driving on public roads and highways or traveling in various modes of public transportation, including airplanes and cruise ships. They would like to know that the food that they buy at the local market is safe to eat and that the medicine that they get is relatively safe to use. Even individuals who are engaged in dangerous occupations, like those involving military service or police work or fighting fires or rescue operations would like to feel that their training, equipment, and present team members gives them assurance of a reasonable level of safety.

One of the basic responsibilities of any system and level of government anywhere is to provide for the safety of its citizens. They do this through various sets of laws and systems of personnel to manage their enforcement and the establishment of high standards for the purity and safety of all products that are consumed or used by their citizens. And family units that are managed and cared for by mature and responsible adults are and always have been the initial haven of safety for every individual.

But much has been happening recently everywhere throughout the world to make anywhere less than a safe place to be. Groups of people and grown individuals and helpless children are regularly being subjected to violent, illegal, and abusive treatment and risks by other individuals and even their government officials. And one of the most dangerous places to be in the whole world is probably to be in the womb of a woman in the United States. And even natural disasters seem to be on the increase. Commercial media and the various social platforms for the personal sharing of news and activities and experiences make it very obvious that we all are living in a very dangerous world.

Where do you feel safe? What enables you to feel safe where you are and engaged in what you are doing? What more assurances of safety would you like your governments officials to be providing for you and your loved ones? It is good to feel safe and to be safe! Let’s talk about this.

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