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What do you think of the current quality of “news” that is currently being reported every day in the public “news” channels in the United States? If you are like many citizens, you may have some concerns regarding the objectivity of the reporters and various commentators.

It seems to me that many “news” crews are quick to get on the scene of something that has happened or is even happening and they begin to “report” about it and discuss it with various bystanders and some enlisted “experts” or even some officials before many of the basic “facts” regarding the incident are fully known. In many cases the “experts” are only retired individuals who are invited to comment on the incident because they may have some insights into the situation because of their previous experience and expertise in such circumstances. This often means that the “reporters” and the “experts” are basically unknowing observers of something that happened or is happening that they may not understand much better than the ordinary members of the gathered crowd.

In some cases videos of what happened or what is happening are available from “private” individuals or even “official” sources, but in most cases these videos don’t show everything and they often don’t include direct audio remarks of the primary participants in the event. So they often can’t show why it happened or evaluate the legal implications of the various actions of the primary participants in the incident.

Many “news” channels will spend days continuing to discuss some of these incidents with various “experts” and once in awhile with some “officials” while they are still unaware of all of the objective facts and true causes for what happened. I don’t think that such discussions are particularly helpful in enabling ordinary citizens to know how to interpret or to respond to many of the events that attract the attention of our “news” media.

Some “news” media have a better reputation for being “objective” in their reporting of what has happened or is happening in our communities than others do, but I still think there is too much of a “political spin” placed on the “news” that gets reported in our media. What do you think? What are the qualities for “responsible” coverage of public events in our communities that you would like to see implemented by the media? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. Unfortunately the media as we know it no longer exists for the sake of public service. There is no journalism anymore, just agendas and not good agendas at that. The total corruption of the media is not surprising. It is simply another manifestation of wickedness in a fallen world.

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