Renewable Spiritual Energy

I’m thinking of faith, hope, love, prayer, and worship, not solar power, wind turbines, or thermal heat. I want to draw your attention to some sources of renewable spiritual energy that can help you to make it through the day. Everyone recognizes the need for various sources of energy to power all of the machines and labor saving devices that we use everyday in our homes, the energy required to make and to keep those homes comfortable during the changing seasons of the year, and the energy required to power our cars to move us from place to place. But many people fail to take seriously their need for sources of personal mental energy each day or to see where some good sources of such energy can be found.

How to know if you’re lacking Renewable Spiritual Energy

If you wake up in the morning still exhausted, you are experiencing this need for some personal renewal energy. If your kids drive you to the brink of patience after a short time of dealing with their selfish demands or rebellious moods, then you can recognize this need. If the attitudes and behavior of some of your associates at work really get to you every day and make your work environment an unpleasant place in which to be, then you should admit to having this need. If the pills and vitamins and enjoyable breaks that you squeeze into your daily routines don’t give you the lasting energy that you need before it is time to get some sleep, then you need some new sources for a special type of energy.

Most of us human beings have heard stories about how a person’s will to live pulled them through the rigors of intense physical pain and discomfort from a severe physical injury.  Or how Helen Keller was able to overcome her severe handicaps of being born blind, deaf, and dumb by her personal persistent efforts to do so with the help of her teacher. Or how a well trained athlete was able to find the extra shot of energy that was able to push him or her through the physical pain of exhausted muscles to cross the finish line in first place. These accomplishments are due to one’s personal mental energy.

Where to find Renewable Spiritual Energy?

And whether we are willing to admit it or not, the good sources for this energy are to be found in the spiritual disciplines of faith, hope, love, prayer, and worship. You see the daily life of faith can give you a lot of relief from the debilitating effects of worry. A daily dose of hope can give you a mental boast to get you through a rough period of time. An available supply of God’s love and that of your family and friends can give you a source of energy that will enable you to ignore or to forgive the unloving or unkind attitude or behavior of an associate at work.  And prayer for your kids when their behavior is about ready to drive you to the edge of your patience can give you an extra shot of faith and hope that they are eventually going to be OK if you don’t give up in the hard work of raising them. And brief daily or extended times of weekly worship and spiritual devotion can give you a source of energy from knowing that you are not alone in your daily struggles.

Faith, hope, love, prayer, and worship are really very practical sources of personal energy, and they are renewable every day and available to you every moment.  Some of the posts on this blog or statements on my website directly address these resources. Let’s talk about these sources of renewable spiritual energy.

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