Pancreatic cancer

My physical challenge
The CAT scan that my doctors have used to examine my abdomen in response to some pains that I was experiencing there have revealed that I have a tumor on my pancreas that they assume to be cancerous. Although there are no other signs of other tumors on the other organs of my abdomen and the pain was due to an over secretion of acid in my stomach that has now been reduced, they have ordered more scans to test for visible tumors throughout the chest portion of my body. My expert cancer surgeon has assumed that this initial tumor has spread, so he is planning on starting a series of chemotherapy treatments to shrink it and begin to kill other cancerous cells that it has probably planted throughout my body. If no other cancerous tumors are spotted, then my doctor will remove this initial cancerous tissue and my spleen to end their threat to my health and continue with the chemotherapy treatments to kill any other remaining cancerous cells in my body. I understand that the chance of being cured from this form of cancer is very slight, but these treatments could extend my life for several more years.

My spiritual challenge
The presence of this cancerous tumor in my body also presents me with a spiritual challenge regarding my personal relationship with God and Jesus, my savior, that has been a major source of blessed ministry in my life. God has been and is very good to me, although I have not always been as obedient and faithful as I know that I should have been in my life and efforts to serve him with the special Spirit anointed gifts that he has given to me. I recognize this cancerous tumor as a spiritual source of discipline to implement more of the Spirit’s transforming and redemptive work in my heart and mind to bring me into a closer relationship with God and Jesus through a greater degree of self sacrifice in my efforts to serve God. I don’t know exactly what the course of this discipline is going to include in my body, but I do know that it will be good for my heart and mind and my soul’s relationship with God, my Father. I’m trusting Jesus and his Spirit to complete their good transforming and redemptive work in my life before they are through with my physical body.

Let’s talk about this
If you have some experience with pancreatic cancer, please share some of the details with me and the readers of this post. What are your recommendations regarding how I should face the challenges of this pancreatic cancer? How have you experienced the goodness of God in the face of such severe challenges in your life? Your comments regarding these experiences would be appreciated in this post.


Pancreatic cancer — 3 Comments

  1. Update:The biopsy that was done by an Endoscopic US examination of the mass on my pancreas did not give any evidence of any cancer cells. My cancer specialist called it a “cystic pancreas lesion”. My cancer specialist has ordered more CAT scans of my abdomen/chest to see if any tumors are spotted on other organs. Right now he is not planning on subjecting me to any treatments of chemotherapy. The need for surgery to remove this cyst on my pancreas and its tail that is in a condition of “atrophy” has yet to be determined. This is very good news. I thank all of my friends for their prayers. God is certainly good. I’ll keep posting further reports regarding this matter on this blog. Your comments regarding this condition would be appreciated. Bob

  2. Update: My cancer specialist indicated that the latest CAT scans on my abdomen/chest did not reveal any cancerous tumors on any organs and the mass on my pancreas has not changed. Some abnormal tissue was spotted on several other organs, but none of it represented any serious problems. He recommended that I follow up with my regular physician for a possible examination of my thyroid, and then he’ll order another series of CAT scans in 3-4 months to check again for any possible tumors. This is another good report; praise the Lord. Let’s talk about your experience with cancer concerns.

  3. Update: Another CAT scan was done on my abdomen to check the stats of the cyst on my pancreas. It has not changed, so there is no sign of any cancers in my body at this time. My cancer specialist and I have decided to discontinue any more scans unless I begin to suffer some severe persistent symptoms of possible tumors or hampered functions of my basic organs and systems.I really don’t expect to develop any cancerous tumors because there is no history of cancer in my family. I am in pretty good shape for my age, and I’m thankful for that. Thank you for your prayers. I’ll post another update if there is any change in my body in regard to any cancer.

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