Our serious problem to establish Fair elections in the USA

My concern

I am really concerned that the Republican and Independent citizens in the USA do not have enough time to secure Fair elections in the USA. There doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent the radical Democrats from imposing enough legislative controls over State and Local voting procedures for individuals in key voting districts to secure a sufficient majority of electors that when certified by the States will have their cited Democratic representatives installed without any effective legal objections. even by a majority of the States., from any action by Congress, any department of our civic bodies, state or local judges, or even the Supreme Court.

Election fraud

The Democrats have been very successful in demonstrating that they can “steal” elections with numerous fraudulent ballots in key voting districts that cannot be effectively discounted by any critics of the state and local voting procedures that were legally established for individual voting procedures. Democrats have a demonstrated history of showing that they don’t really have much interest in vetting their candidates for elected political office or the identity of those who vote for their cited political representatives. They have allowed millions of “foreigners” to invade this country, and they are working to get them registered as legitimate Democratic voters in the key election districts where they can be placed without too much State objections. Republican and Democratic voters who are concerned about this matter may just be outnumbered by the number of individuals who will have been registered as legitimate voters by the radical Democrats in our civic order of elections in the USA Our citizens are too divided in their personal political agendas to prevent the radicals from conducting their fraudulent elections again in this seriously divided USA,

Let’s talk about this.

I would be glad to publish any comments from any interested viewers to this Post that might offer some practical legislative procedures that citizens could take to establish fair elections in the USA and to prevent election fraud by the radical Democrats.

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