Online security

It’s Necessity

If you do any online shopping or work from home on your computer, you recognize the necessity of having some software for online or internet security installed on your computer to protect you from possible invasions of viruses or spyware or malware into your computer that can steal personal data or hamper the operation of your computer or cell phone. Maybe you have already experienced such an invasion, so you really understand the problems that they can create with your computer, phone, and your sources for your personal financial funds, like your bank account and credit cards. Some of these problems may have cost you some funds that were stolen from your financial accounts or the costs of professional repairs to remove the intruders and to fix the problems that they create.

Possible resources for online security

Your operating system for your computer and phone probably come with some basic software for online security already installed on these devices. They are usually well designed to protect your devices from the basic online threats. There are many others that you can choose to add that could create different levels of protection or protection against specific threats with their specific filters for your chosen fields of operation. You just need to make sure that all of the installed programs will work well together without creating new problems. Another thing that you can do to prevent such intrusions is to carefully handle phone calls from strangers who may call you about some possible problem with any of your online financial accounts or business. If any of these callers ask you click on the key “1” to get connected to another clerk to help you with the possible problem, hang up. Such a simple action on your phone could give them remote access to your computer and control over its files and access to your personal data, unless it is well protected. It is a good policy to never give any personal and particularly any financial data to any stranger over the phone, even if they claim to be from a legitimate business or financial or government agency. Such businesses or agencies will usually not expect you to conduct such business over the phone

Your experiences and recommendations regarding online security

If you are willing to share some of your personal experiences with us regarding online security and the problems that you have encountered from intruders to your devices, your reports of these experiences might be helpful to others. Please share any recommendations that you may have, in addition to those above, that you may have for effectively dealing with online security. This is a very important personal matter for many of us these days. Your help with online security will be greatly appreciated. Let’s talk about this.

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