Lost and found

Lost and found. The other night at our dinner table I noticed that my wedding ring was missing. I don’t take it off, so it wasn’t just misplaced. The next morning I had an idea that it might have gotten jerked off when I was looking for something in our shed. I got a big spot light to see if I might find it. It had a dim light, but I looked as best as I could in a dark corner of the shed, but I didn’t see it. The next day I got a new 6v battery for my spot light, and took it into the shed. Within a few minutes, I spotted the lost ring right where I thought that it might be, and I recovered it. What had been lost was now found.

This incident was a personal illustration of the good feeling that Jesus experienced when a “lost” sinner repented and was “found”. This feeling was the point of three parables that he shared with a group of tax collectors and “sinners” who were critical of his fellowship with “sinners”. In the first one he described how any one of them would feel when he or she finds one lost “sheep” even though he or she had ninety-nine others at home. In the second one he describes how a “woman would feel when she found a “silver coin” that she had lost, and in the third one he describes how a “father” felt when the young “son” who had left home with his inheritance and had gone to live in a “distant country” had returned home as the “son” who “was lost and is found”. These parables are in chapter 15 verses 1-32 of the book of Luke in the New Testament. It is really good to find something that is personally important and valuable after it has been lost, and sometimes it takes a real bright light to find it! Tell me about your personal anecdotes of lost and found objects, or even memories. Let’s talk about this.

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