It’s a good time to

  1. Avoid any personal close association with any possible sources of infection from the coronavirus or sinful attitudes and choices of behavior.
  2. Give your serious attention to any symptoms of a physical disease or a spiritual condition of personal sin.
  3. Repent of your poor choices and seek immediate help from health professionals or the Lord Jesus, who has secured the resources for your spiritual salvation.
  4. Make your home where you and your wife can protect you and your dependents safe from this virus by daily habits of cleanliness and spiritual righteousness through the enabling guidance and transforming power of the Lord’s Spirit who can radically change your daily lives.
  5. Begin to have your wife and the mother of your children to home school your children in the basic courses of personal knowledge and skills for them to be able to effectively function as independent persons in this world. I’m sure that the resources for this educational service are readily available from appropriate publishers after decades of such service in thousands of homes.
  6. Make your home a center for the worship of God and the encouragement of your relatives and neighbors and friends in healthy living and spiritual faithful daily living. You don’t need a professional “pastor” to do this for you in some distant facility.
  7. Tune into the wise and loving guidance and instructions of the Lord’s Spirit through a personal discipline of daily prayer and meditation upon the goodness of God in your life rather than upon your fears and confusing personal opinions and foolish choices. Turn off your TVs and cell phones and open your Bibles.

Let’s talk about this, particularly how we should respond to the deadly effects of sin in our world. The coronavirus is giving all human beings a wake up call regarding the possible deadly effect of a single unhealthy organism, which is very similar to that of sin in our communities and jobs and schools and homes in this world. And it is not too late to make some radical changes in how you respond to this disease of sin.


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  1. Bob,I read each of your statements on your blog and find that only apply to individuals and what they can do to respond to “covid19 virus. Your blog does not go far enough into what is taking place in the world today. In America itself over one million have been tested positive, 6.6 million have applied for unemployment, and 50 thousand have died. You mentioned a wake up call, well this is a “wake up call” for nations and governments to the fact that God created you and the life that you live and all of the blessing that you have were created by God, and now all of sudden all of those necessities are no longer available and we need to wake up to the fact that only God can do away with the virus and return the world back to almost normal, but if that should take place everyone needs to remember that God is in complete control and everyone needs to thank God for the returned blessings and make sure that God is the most important part of their lives. One way to eradicate the virus is for everybody to get on their knees and pray to God for his involvement and His will to be done.

  2. Dick, Thanks for you comment regarding my post and this matter. The suggested actions in this post are addressed to individuals, because God’s basic calls are always to individuals and it is individuals who are personally accountable to God, although all human beings are subject to his judgment against sin. God doesn’t even expect “everybody” to “get on their knees” at this point in the timing of his redemptive work in this world.The real point of this post is directed to an individual’s response to sin in his or her life, not to the effects of the coronavirus.

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