Happy New Year

According to this common greeting, happy new year, a lot of people are wishing that others will experience some happiness this year, and they are probably also wishing it for themselves as well. But with their greeting they may not understand that happiness will not be experienced or received unless it comes from the right source. Jesus had some very specific things to say about being “blessed” with happiness to a crowd of people who were following him. He said that those who “are the poor in spirit”, “mourn”, “are meek”, “hunger and thirst for righteousness”, “are merciful”, “are pure in heart”, “are peacemakers”, and who are “persecuted because of righteousness” are the individuals who will be “blessed” or made happy by God. This teaching is found in chapter 5 verses 3-11 of the book of Matthew in the New Testament.

Happy New Year – what will it take?

No one should expect to be happy if he or she is planting and cultivating the wrong “seed”, living in the pursuit of things that are really not good. What is it that will make you “happy” this year? What makes for a Happy New Year? Let’s talk about this.

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