Happy New Year

Where is it?

If you didn’t have a calendar, how would you know when it arrived? If you listened to the news from the world’s media platforms, where would you go to experience some “happy” days? There doesn’t seem to be much happiness being announced anywhere these days. Various political authorities who are in charge of the civic operations of the different forms of government in place in our world don’t seem to be offering any positive solutions to the “old” social and personal problems that confront the residents in their countries. All of their strategies seem to be the same “old” forms of government power and control that have been demonstrated by the historic systems of communism, socialism, democracies, dictatorships and their various economic forms of doing business that are right now not providing any real practical daily benefits to anyone anywhere. Efforts are being made to establish “global” systems to establish civic forms of government that can provide some benefits of “happy” days to the different residents of cooperating nations in this world, but they only seem to be drastically dividing people in accord with their different personal agendas rather than their abilities to provide real positive solutions to the common problems that we all face every day. Dictators are seeking to maintain and to expand their personal power over the residents of their “realms” of authority in spite of some popular protests for civic reforms, and they are even seeking to take over more areas of possible resources for their wealth and power by the violence of military wars and civic agreements. There are almost no areas of secure “peace” and daily happiness for individuals and their families in this world.

With God

The only source of a happy new year and daily “peace” in your life is with God. History has demonstrated over and over again that He is basically in charge of what happens in this world that He has created and which operates in accord with His absolute authority. God’s Spirit is the only authority that anyone can trust to provide them with any “happy” days in this world. God is the creator of this world, and He is the only one who knows what is “good” for any of its residents. Any daily choices that human beings make for what they seek that they hope will provide them with a “happy new year” that is not in accord with God’s wise loving guidance will separate them from God and cause their days to be filled with various personal struggles and deadly consequences. For some resources that are “good forever” and could provide anyone with a “happy new year”, I invite the interested readers of this post to check out this website at https://www.christianityetc.org. I will be glad to answer any questions that anyone has about any of these resources and statements. Let’s talk about this. A “happy new year” is available to anyone through the choices that they make to spend their days with God as they trust Him for His wise and loving guidance in their daily choices.

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