Good Tools

The need for good tools
I’m sure that you recognize the necessity of having good tools at your convenient use every day. I assume that you probably could not create an itemized list of all of the different items that you use as tools to help you with all of your various actions that you carry out every day. And the manufacturers of such tools are constantly changing them and creating new ones to provide you with more effective help in your daily tasks and you have to find more space in your home for their storage in cabinets and desks and their display on many flat surfaces that will still keep them conveniently available for their regular use.

The quality of a good tool
I’m sure that the basic quality of a good tool has to do with whether or not it enables you to effectively do what you intend to do with it. If it works as it should, you probably evaluate it as a “good” tool. If it gets damaged or wears out it may no longer work as it should. If the items that it was initially designed to enable you to handle are changed to the extent that the tool no longer works on them, then it is no longer a “good” tool in your cabinets or desk on your counters or tables. What other factors, in your opinion, determine the quality of a tool that you keep for regular use in your daily activities?

Let’s talk about good tools
Let’s talk about this. The qualities that you deem to be necessary for the good tools in your homes is a worthy topic for some thoughtful discussion beyond the benefit of saving some of us from making some expensive purchases.

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