Good ideas

Think for a moment about what are ideas, and then ponder about what makes them become good ideas. I did that this morning about 4:30, and the process got me out of bed to write this post. An idea is just part of the ways our brains function to give us some directions in how we act and think moment by moment through the course of our daily lives.

The process of good ideas?

The process goes something like this: we EXPERIENCE something, then we attach a MOOD to that experience/OK/bad/good, then we REFLECT on that experience and mood to expand and to refine it, and it becomes a THOUGHT, and then we connect it with other somewhat similar THOUGHTS, and that creates an IDEA, and then we further refine the IDEA with more reflective THINKING until it becomes a PLAN, and then we implement the PLAN through a personal course of ACTION. This process may only take a few moments, if we are quick to act without thinking too much, or it may take years, or it may take an hour or so as it did with me this morning as I went through the process of getting up, having some breakfast, turning on my computer, and beginning to write this post.

And this process of moving from EXPERIENCE  + MOOD + REFLECTION +THOUGHT+PLAN to ACTION is a very personal process. No one can really exercise control over you in the process or stop you from engaging in it. They may try to help you to refine your THINKING by TEACHING you some LESSONS, and they may even exercise some controls over your behavior, particularly if they are your parents or the enforcers of the law,  or they may ENCOURAGE  you to ACT on the idea if they believe that it is ultimately good, but even these influences are not absolute in their effects.  So we each go on with our lives, some writing posts on a computer, others going to work everyday, others looking for work every day, some making political speeches, others trying to make some sense out of these speeches and their experiences so that they can decide how to vote or to PLAN what to do NEXT.  And many of us are trying to use this process to improve our personal relationships with others and to have more GOOD experiences in our daily lives.

The specific IDEA behind this blog is that it can really be beneficial to give some serious THOUGHT to WHAT IS GOOD in our lives and to share these THOUGHTS with others in order to clarify and to reinforce what is REALLY GOOD in our lives. And this is what I’m trying to do as a write these posts and invite you to share with me and with others your comments regarding some very common experiences and concerns that we all encounter every day in our lives.

What good ideas have you had lately? What made them good? What did you do about them? What was the outcome of your action? Let’s talk about this.

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