Good gifts

Now is the time for good gifts

Perhaps you have most of your Christmas shopping done. You’ve shipped all of the presents to distant relatives so that they will get them on time. You have gotten all of the special toys and gadgets for the kids, wrapped them, and hidden them away for the time of your celebration. If so, then it is time for some especially good gifts

What are these good gifts?

Christmas is depicted as a time for joyous celebrations, but it is also noted to be a time of great depression. Some of your relatives and friends probably need more words of encouragement than they need more “stuff”. With all of the “broken” families that now fill our society, there are probably some relatives that need your words of forgiveness more than they need a new item of clothing. In spite of all of the gatherings of people that take place in Christmas celebrations, there are probably some in the midst of such gatherings who are feeling lonely and would really like to receive a personal gift of a warm hug and hear the sincere sound of these words I love you. Hope is a traditional Christmas message, but now when all of the shopping is done some people in your circle may still be anxiously seeking this gift. A personal word or a special gesture of kindness might give this gift to someone who is waiting anxiously for it.

What’s special about such good gifts?

You don’t have to go shopping for them. You already have them somewhere in the recesses of your character. They may just need to be uncovered. You don’t have to go to a great deal of work to wrap them and deliver them, maybe just a phone call could do it. And they aren’t particularly expensive; probably just the cost of some humility. And now would be a great time to deliver such gifts as some of your friends and relatives are approaching the celebrations of this season without them.

Let’s talk about such good gifts What other such qualities of loving relationships might you cite as being “good gifts”? Have you made an effort to share such “gifts” with others? If so, what was their response? What difference did it make in their life? What difference did it make in your observance of Christmas? Christmas might really be made “merry” by the sharing of such good gifts. May you all have a Merry Christmas.

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