Good advice

ome words of good advice:

Be thankful; you have probably been given more than you realize. Be a good friend; you can’t buy one on “sale”. Be positive; few problems can be solved with a negative attitude. Read the manual and follow its instructions; this will avoid a lot of frustration from trying to do it your “own way”. Tell the truth; then you won’t have to try to remember what you said before. Be forgiving; you will probably need to be forgiven from time to time. Be dependable; someone needs you. Work hard; nothing of value comes easy. Be a good citizen; we’re all under some authority.

Share; you can’t get everything that you need by yourself. Be prepared; this advice is good for everyone, not just for scouts. Be slow to speak; a word spoken cannot be silenced. Listen carefully; you may gain a lot of wisdom. Don’t waste a minute; the now moment is all that you have with which to do anything. Love one another; life is very painful without it. Be respectful; everyone is different in some ways. Be patient; hasty action is very risky.Take care of the environment; we all live in the same space “bubble”.  Pray a lot; politicians can’t solve many of our problems. Trust God; he knows what is ultimately good.

That is probably enough for now. What is the best advice that you ever received? What is the best advice that you ever ignored? What is the best advice that you have to offer anyone? What constitutes good advice? Let’s talk about this.


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  1. Dear Bob,

    Tell the truth; then you won’t have to try to remember what you said before. this is what I learned myself, because I found that being honest is easier than to ly, that it is easier to tell the truth, even your own faults, as the first one, before others discover the truth…

    I got 2 important advices in my life:

    #1 was the advice of my mother
    #2 the advice of a patient girlfriend

    #1: Always try to have your own home, your own key, your own contract, so that you will never have leave because of divorce or similar situations

    #2: Stop complaining about your unhappy marriage. Change something. Then you can complain anew and I will listen again.

    Cheers, Connie

  2. Connie,
    A mother’s advice is usually pretty good; no one should leave home without it.
    Going along with your #1: Have plan B in place; plan A may not handle everything.
    Here’s another one: obey the laws; they are basically for your protection.
    Thanks for your comments.

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