Golden years

Your golden years are suppose to be experienced after you retire when you are no longer controlled by the daily grinds of work schedules and raising children. Your days are suppose to provide you with numerous opportunities to relax, enjoy a variety of available pleasures, meet with friends and family as you wish, travel to where you want to go, and generally do what pleases you. But if you are filled with the aches and pains of arthritis, or facing the fears of a heart attack, or hampered by the effects of a stroke, or loosing your mental capacities from the effects of the Alzheimer’s disease, or trying to care for someone who is suffering from the effects of these physical problems, then you may not be experiencing any golden years. Maybe your family relationships are filled with more tension and bitterness than with love and pleasant memories, so this avenue of “golden” fellowship is not available to you. Maybe the funds that you regularly invested in your nest egg to cover your financial needs during these golden years have been severely depleted by the recent recession, so your days are filled with more worries than pleasures.

What good experiences are you having in your golden years?

If you are still oppressed by some of these physical and family problems or financial problems and concerns, what can you do to bring some “golden”, some good, experiences into these years of your life? Let’s talk about this.

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