Emotional support

If you are engaged in giving or receiving emotional support with someone, you are engaged in a process that is a special gift to both of you. You just may be trying to encourage a friend or your spouse who has recently lost his or her job. Maybe a neighbor just came down with a “bug”, and needs some help for a few days. Or maybe one of your coworkers just went through a divorce. Or maybe you are responsible for the ongoing care of an parent who has become disabled by a serious stroke or disease, and they will need a lot of emotional support everyday as they struggle with their changing circumstances. All of the various problems that are currently troubling our society are creating a growing group of thousands of people who are in daily need of some emotional support from someone else. Their cases are reported everyday on the news, particularly if they live in any of the gulf states.

Part of their needs may be financial, but the bigger, more important part, is probably more personal. It has to do with how they are going to adjust to their changing situation. Oil companies, banks, government agencies, and even churches, synagogues, or mosques can’t provide the quality of emotional support that is needed by many people today. Such emotional support can best be provided by a friend who really cares and with whom you don’t need an “appointment” to see.

For some additional commentary on this matter see my statements on encouragement and care givers on my website. There is a big need for this good gift of emotional support in our society today. How much “paper work” should be completed before one can get this type of support? Why can’t the big agencies with money and personnel provide this kind of support? What does a person need in order to provide good emotional support to someone else? Let’s talk about this matter.

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    • You are entitled to your point of view, but it might change if you have tried to give any care or emotional support to a friend or relative over a long period of time. Such service is sometimes not easy to provide, and it may not always even be appreciated.

  3. I realized this week just how very special and important is this gift of emotional support as I tried to arrange some ongoing physical therapy for my wife as she seeks to recover from a broken hip from a fall. One of her relatives and his wife were very persuasive and encouraging to her and helpful to me as all together we tried to make the necessary arrangements for her ongoing care. It is easily apparent in such circumstances to recognize the big difference in the level of caring between the “professionals” and family. This gift is priceless, and no big fee for health services and counseling can purchase it. I’m very thankful that someone shared this gift with my wife and me.

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