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When your problems, concerns, or worries pile up before you in your daily efforts to keep moving forward in your life, you may sink into a mood of discouragement or even depression. You may begin to feel exhausted by your effort and frustrated by your inability to quickly move through these barriers in your progress. These moods may become more severe and persistent when your efforts to apply familiar treatments to them no longer give you immediate relief from them. And these moods will probably be more persistent if you are alone, somewhat unhealthy, financially limited, or “old”. Every day becomes an ongoing battle with these barriers and a “wall” begins to appear before you that blocks any hope of relief from them. Such moods of discouragement and depression are serious matters, particularly when they are not relieved within a timely manner.


Common immediate treatments for moods of discouragement or depression may include another cup of coffee, some alcohol, a pill, going to a personal source of pleasure for a boost, a visit to a “friendly” hangout, or connecting with a “friend” on a social media platform. These efforts may provide some momentary relief, but their benefits may not last very long. The benefits of beverages, pills, addictions, and even somewhat “casual friends” are probably not completely effective in the elimination of these moods. What you need when you are being overwhelmed by moods of discouragement and depression are not momentary outside sources of relief or even consumed drugs but an internal personal source of encouragement that can be with you moment by moment throughout the course of your battle. I believe that encouragement is best received and experienced by the personal loving words of a dependable spouse or relative or friend and some immediate personal physical help with the problems with which you are struggling. Words of loving encouragement and support and understanding when delivered in personal ways can be very powerful even before any personal help is provided! They will stay with you longer than a beverage, a drug, a momentary pleasure, or a brief chat from a distant friend on your mobile device or a pat on your back from a “beer buddy” a your local hangout. The best source of encouragement and enduring relief from your battles with discouragement and depression is the indwelling personal words of love and constant strong assistance that Jesus can give to you from his Spirit in the center of your emotions, desires, and thoughts in your body.

Some questions

What are your current sources of encouragement for relief from the moods of discouragement and depression with which you battle? How well do they work? How long are they good for? Who are your most encouraging companions or friends? Let’s talk about this.

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Encouragement — 3 Comments

  1. Patrick, Thank you for your complimentary comment to my post. It is a word of “encouragement” to me. I trust that you recognize that the simple words of “Thank you” are very powerful in anyone’s remarks to someone else. I hope that you are using and receiving them often in your conversations with others.

  2. Very true – your statements – onestudy has found that being alone for long periods can cause a person to shorten their life by 10 years , it depends on the mind and daily duties ( activity and responsiblity is what gives meaning in life) !
    Jesus has and gives a lot of meaning. In life – give Hope ; adds Joy ; builds responsiblity ; gives Courage ! To name a few !
    Encouagement is like giving life to someone !

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