Coming together

The basic necessary strategy
It is apparent to most of our citizens and our politicians that it is not going to be an easy task to unify the diverse people of America with their political, religious, ethnic, and gender different needs and agendas. Beneath all of the political talk of the election of our president and the patriotic demonstration of thousands of people coming together for his inauguration and President Trump’s inauguration speech, the only strategy that is going to really accomplish a coming together of the American people is for the passing of some very crucial bills of legislation on a bipartisan level of agreement on what is good for all Americans. This quality of bipartisan legislation will determine whether or not the non-shooting “civil war” within these American States is ended by the political unity of our legislative processes or whether our “fights” for different personal “rights” and benefits in our civic lives continues.

The simple way to do this
The simple way for our legislators to implement the coming together of their constituents and all of the people of American is for them to thoughtfully work together to compose and to approve legislative bills that cite specific rules for conducting of civic business that clearly reflect bipartisan strategies for the fixing of our common basic American problems. This means that these legislators will have to rise above many of the political agendas of the major political parties in America and begin to see their responsibilities and personal insights with more of a “federal” perspective than that of their “party” or even their local communities. The halls of congress will have to really become a place where the legislative work for all Americans is done, and it will have to be recognize by those who engage in this work as a place that is quite different from all of the other legislative halls in this country.

Some of the problems that Americans face in this country are so serious that immediate action by our President and our legislators is going to be necessary to fix them in order to protect our citizens from personal and economic destructive forces that threat us, and it is going to take more than patriotic talk to implement these fixes, but a new form of political action is being implemented in our government as we are coming together. Continued “fighting” and protests regarding our various political and personal agendas for securing our civic rights and blessings will not enable our President and our legislators to fix our common problems.

Let’s talk about this. What are you willing to do to encourage your legislators to be more “federal” in their perspective on the bills that they compose and pass that this process for coming together in this country might really be implemented? The government of this country is practically being returned to the people. What are you going to do with the new opportunity and authority that you have to influence its processes?

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