Forget about trying to be happy this year. Maybe the best that you can hope for is to be more comfortable. In light of all of the problems facing many people today, it might be pretty good to feel comfortable again. That might come with a stronger economy, or probably with the basic benefit of a job, if you are looking for one. You might feel more comfortable and optimistic about the future if you could see Congress really begin to do something about our national debt. Maybe your discomfort is caused by some health problems or concerns for the health of those whom you love. It is hard to be comfortable if you are nervous or worried much of the time.

More Comfortable

Forget about making resolutions for the whole new year. It might be well just to figure out one practical thing that you could do to be more comfortable for several months or more. Being comfortable is a relative matter, being relative to times of discomfort. But in any case it requires that some changes are made, and these changes usually come with some costs. And such costs may be part of the cause of the discomfort. Yet, if you are going to be more comfortable this year, a large part of that comfort is probably going to have to come from your own personal efforts. Perhaps you are mature enough to have learned that very few people can make someone else permanently comfortable, unless it is a doctor who can prescribe a strong drug to kill some one’s pain. And existing in a stupor or sustained by strong drugs is really not living, at least in my opinion.

Are you comfortable?

So, what one thing are you going to do this year to get more comfortable? What change or changes are you going to make in your living situation that you think will improve your level of comfort? Being comfortable for awhile could give you an emotional boost to engage in the next struggle, because you know that there are no guarantees to secure your comfort on the “battlefield” on which we all live. But being comfortable produces a good feeling. Let’s talk about this.

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