Christmas purchases

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a rush to get their Christmas purchases done. The holiday push to get people to shop and to buy the numerous gifts that they have for people on their lists is on. It used to be that this drive didn’t start until after Thanksgiving, but that isn’t the case any longer. With the current economic situation that confronts everyone, it is a challenge to know what is a good response to this pressure and these appeals. It is good to demonstrate one’s love to others, but it may not be good to spend money you don’t have for things that individuals really don’t need.

Christmas Purchases: In conflict with our economic downturn

The holiday drive to get people to buy more and more goods presents many individuals with strong personal challenges to sort out their evaluations of what is good and what is really of value in our society. Such discernment is not easy, and the challenge of it may not become evident until one has to figure out how to pay off the big credit card debts. What is a reasonable standard for good purchases this Christmas season? What’s your opinion about the craze of Christmas purchases? Let’s talk about this.


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  3. Hello “Free proxy”, Thanks for the compliment. I’m not exactly sure to what it is you are referring when you ask me “to illustrate your first section a bit more”, but I’ll try. It is commonly recognized that individuals, children and youth and adults, are each encouraged during this season of the year to make lists of what they “want” “Santa”, or of course some person that loves them, to give to them. What they “want” and what they put on their lists may be totally different from what they may really “need”. They may not even be thinking of their “needs” when they compose their lists. If they are adults or old enough to have some money of their own, they probably figure that they can get what they “need” from their own budget at another time. Christmas, they figure, is a time to indulge one’s pleasures and dreamy desires. In a time of economic crisis, like that which many people are facing now, individuals who compose these “want” lists may not realize how much pressure they are putting on those who love them and want to make they happy. I trust that this illustrates what you are looking for. If not, come back with a more precise question.

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