Banning gay marriages

Banning gay marriages: same-sex marriages of homosexual men and lesbian women should not be done because such relationships are considered to be “sinful” by some citizens. Adultery is considered to be “sinful” by some citizens, but I don’t believe that it is against any laws. It may break up a marriage, destroy a family, or end a career, but I don’t believe that anyone is strictly breaking any law by committing adultery. Marriage vows would normally be broken by such an act, and the abused spouse could sue for divorce, but the guilty spouse would not be arrested just for having sex with another consenting adult. On the other hand, it is against the law for an adult to have sexual relations with a minor, even if the minor individual consents to it.

Banning gay marriages

Laws of society are basically enacted by legislative bodies to protect its citizens from harm and abuse. And many of these laws are specifically written to protect children and women from abuse. It may be commonly recognized that when a man has sexual relations with a woman, it establishes a dependent relationship between that man and the woman and their child. And society has a stake in that relationship, because the woman and particularly the child may become dependents of the State,¬† if the man doesn’t provide for their care. Many welfare laws are written and enforced to protect women and children from abuse by men, even in relationships that are consummated in accord with “common law” and that don’t necessarily produce children.

Therefore, since the relations of consenting men with men and consenting women with women, even if such relations are sexual in nature, doesn’t involve any particular risk of abuse for any of the adults and no children can be produced from such relationships, adults who choose to enter such relationships should not be given the protecting legal rights that are particularly written for men and women who choose to get married. Homosexual and lesbian relationships can be easily broken without any legal consequences or responsibilities to be imposed on anyone, but that is not the case in any marriage relationship. That is due to the rights of the dependents in such marriage relationships.

I haven’t seen these principles of social law being applied to the growing problems and controversial concerns that our society and our citizens are facing in regard to the proposal that the rights of marriage should now be extended to include relationships between adult men with adult men and adult women with adult women. Let’s move away from the moral issue of “sin” in this matter, and take a very careful look at the real factor of social legal protections that are the basis for our traditional laws of marriage. Since marriage laws are basically written to protect dependent children and women from abuse, and since there are no risks of such dependent needs for children and women in homosexual and lesbian relationships, therefore the rights and legal protections of marriage should not be granted to gay¬†adult men and women in their relationships with other gay adults. Marriages between gay men and lesbian women should be banned because of this reason. What do you think about this argument? Should we be banning gay marriages? Let’s talk about this!

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Banning gay marriages — 7 Comments

  1. The move against gay marriage would prohibit a range of benefits for all unmarried couples, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

  2. Such as? Cite some examples. I don’t see how extending the rights of marriage to gay men and lesbian women would have anything to do with unmarried couples.

    • Thanks for the compliment. The best “follow up on this topic” will come as readers like you and “ajo insurance” and others who agree with my point get our legislators and governors and media to recognize that the basis of marriage laws is not morality but protection of dependents. Get more of your friends and associates to consider this point and to get talking about it with others. I think that my point is quite clear and legally very sound, but I haven’t seen it expressed in all of the “talk” about this matter that is going on among the “decision makers”. Send them and the legislators back to my post; and, if necessary I’ll try to explain my position more completely.

  3. I sent a copy of my post to my state senator in an email message. It is this kind of follow up that may make a difference. Our state will be voting on the issue of civil marriages in a short while. I’m waiting to see his response.

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