Your body is designed to function with a consistent balance between the functions of each of its organs and what they are being requested to do by your brain.

Your digestive system is designed to process the food that you consume and bring into it and to put the appropriate chemical resources into your blood stream so that each cell of your body will have the resources that are needed to enable them to carry out their intended functions in balance or in harmony with all of the other cells in your body.

Disease is really anything that impairs or stops the easy or natural processes of these cellular functions and disrupts your bodily balance in your life. And your body is also designed and equipped with a variety of organic compounds that are designed to repair damage to your cells that are either produced by your organs or enabled to do so by chemical resources in the food that you consume. And some of the organs in your body are especially designed to eliminate toxins and such other organic material that present dangers to the balanced operation of your cells or are in other ways unnecessary for the healthy operation of your body. Basically your body is designed to give you a good healthy style of living with everything working in balance and harmony with everything else even through times of physical growth and personal social change. If you are being made uncomfortable by pain, emotional stress, sluggishness and persistent fatigue, poor mobility, abnormal bodily functions, or other symptoms of disease, then you body and mind are not functioning in balance.

I will grant the fact that not all bodies are completely and perfectly equipped for good healthy living and the balanced operation of all their cells at the time of conception and birth. Some inherited genes in some bodies may contain factors that if they are implemented into the organic functions of cells could impair or halt the balanced operation of other cells. So some special medicines and medical treatments by doctors may be necessary to enable the victims of the resulting diseases from such inherited disorders to overcome their symptoms and to restore a balanced style of living in their daily activities. And there are hundreds of organic compounds and germs that are able to invade anyone’s body that can impair or stop the balanced operation of your cells if they are allowed to do so without appropriate organic opposition from a good balance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medicine as needed.

But many of the problems that many individuals encounter with physical pain and emotional stress and poor bodily functions that are out of balance or out of harmony with others are due to unhealthy choices that they make in how they live and what they eat. Some things that some people choose to consume are just not good to put into one’s body. And some organic compounds that one’s body needed to enable it to perform certain functions during periods of growth and change may no longer be needed in large quantities to maintain the balanced operation of certain cells. So changing life styles should be supported by dietary changes that will enable individuals to maintain a good healthy balance in how their bodies function. And some physical activities are probably too dangerous for individuals to try to do, particularly if they are out of shape or beyond the age when such activities could normally be considered.

So the maintenance of good balance and harmony in how your body functions is really a matter of making healthy choices in what you eat and do. And doctors can and should be consulted to help you to find the right chemicals or treatments to enable your body to maintain its balanced functions in situations where an injury or an organic “enemy” has invaded or otherwise hampered your health.

What symptoms of imbalance do you regularly encounter in your life? What personal choices are you regularly making that might be causing this imbalance? What should you be doing differently in your life to restore and to maintain organic and mental balance in your life? What are you ready to do to achieve and to maintain a healthy balance of organic functions and choices in your life? Let’s talk about this.

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