An invitation

This is an invitation to the viewers of this blog and my website to join in the discussion of the various issues and topics that I address in my posts. I know that some of you have listed my site and this blog among your “favorites” and set “bookmarks” to frequently open it, and I appreciate such sustained interest. I am going to continue to try to keep my posts and statements interesting and my site and its features easy to view and to use.

An invitation to express your opinions

In order to handle a large amount of spam that gets submitted to this blog, I am now making it necessary for anyone who wants to leave a comment on this blog to register with my blog and to follow the established procedures for leaving legitimate comments. These include the use of a personal password to confirm your membership as being registered and the passing of a simple test to demonstrate that you are a human being and not a spamming machine.

Although I like compliments about my blog and its posts, I’m really more interested in getting people to talk with me and others about the various issues that I address in my posts. Therefore I will be checking all comments to evaluate how they add to the discussion of these issues before they are accepted for publication. If anyone has other comments of a more personal nature or general nature regarding this blog and its material, they can send those to me in email messages from the tab for my “Contact Form”.

An invitation to contribute to the discussion

There are a lot of severe challenges and intense struggles facing many people around the world today. And in many cases the proclaimed “experts” don’t seem to be able to effectively handle them. The theme for this blog is “What is good?”, and that is what I want to discuss with you. Let’s talk about this. I look forward to your participation in the discussion of these matters. If you are really interested in these matters, please accept my invitation to become a registered commentator to my blog.

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