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I am a retired minister, not a saint but a forgiven sinner. I have the academic education of a professional, but my best lessons have come from the “school of hard knocks”. I have been married 4 times and gone through 3 divorces, plus numerous other broken relationships. I have 3 grown sons and 8 grandchildren. I have been fired from at least 6 professional positions, but I am a published writer. I have experience as a pastor, teacher, editor, member of national and international committees, webmaster, photographer, social worker, insurance salesman, fund raising executive, marketing professional, telemarketer, investor in real estate, security, corrections, nursing aid, director of services for children and young adults with “special needs”, limo driver, janitor, grocery clerk, life guard, door-to-door sales, and selling shoes, plus having to learn to pay debts with a very limited income and balance a checkbook. I have moved around a lot and owned a lot of old cars. I am glad to share some observations regarding what is good with others who might be searching for such a benefit. Let’s talk about this.

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  1. Someone I work with visits your blog quite often and passed it along to me. The writing style is extraordinary and the content is pertinent. Thank you for the insight you offer the subscribers!