A good deal

Brand named merchandise for sale at 50% off. Is that a good deal? Accepting a credit card when you don’t have a job; is that a good deal? Being able to sign a contract for a new home with a flexible rate mortgage; is that a good deal? Being able to buy necessary items for one’s family members at big supermarkets of “foreign made” goods; is that a good deal?

What makes for a good financial deal these days is not a simple matter

Our politicians  are urging us to buy, buy, buy. They are trying to boast our economy by giving us financial benefits and tax breaks so that we will spend more money, claiming that this will create jobs and really get the American economy back on track. But is that a good deal?

What makes for a good deal is a very personal matter, and it is a very political matter. Your answers to the question, “what is a good deal?”, will probably determine the financial status of many merchants this approaching holiday season and the election of some political candidates in the approaching elections.

What is a good deal in your opinion? What is the best “deal” that you ever got? What made it so good? What criteria are you willing to apply to a possible purchase to determine whether or not it is a good deal? I think that these are very important and timely questions. Let’s talk about this matter.

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