Dear Supporters and Friends, Another 3 months has passed so quickly! There have been times of celebration and others of frustration, as we wait upon the desperately slow bureaucracy to take its course.


After a delay while we waited for more funding to arrive from CBMNZ (Christian Blind Mission New Zealand), after learning how to meet their requirements, we are now underway again towards completion of the front third of the building. This will be sufficient to commence operations in early October. Over the next 3 weeks the electrical wiring will be installed, tiles laid, ceiling tiles installed and painting done, ready for opening in early October.


YEEEESSSS, after 9 months, a lot of money and dedication by our man on the job, Justus, we finally have our SLIT LAMP (kindly donated by Niall McCormack of Specsavers, Hastings, NZ. Please support him) and our OPERATING MICROSCOPE for cataracts, kindly donated by K and S, with support for local charges from J. Thank you all for your generous help. This is a huge moment for us!

There is an Eye Outreach about 2 hours away from our hospital. Our eye services will help many millions of people in Western Kenya.


The container of product worth over $NZ600,000 ($US400,000) still remains in Texas, while Project Cure negotiates with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) over import requirements under the new regulatory regime, which makes it more difficult, to say the least, to import good used equipment into Kenya. Over the years they have helped many hospitals in Kenya, including Government ones, with their valuable service. They are negotiating through the US Ambassador and the Office of the First Lady. NHIF Like KEBS, NHIF has a new regime in place that is slowing down the insurance provider approval for over 500 facilities in the country. When things change here, the bureaucrats take a long time to reorganize. Zak, our Administrator and I made the long trip to Nairobi (about 8 hours each way) to try and see what was happening. Hopefully, after a lot of toing and froing between NHIF and the Ministry of Health, our approval should be coming up soon. Valuable contacts were made. This is vital for us, to bring in more and better paying customers, and the delays have been most costly. A huge thank you to those special donors who have supported us through this difficult time.


As we become established other donors are coming on board. More about this later.


The First Lady of Kenya (the President’s wife) conducted, through the First Lady of Bungoma County (The Governor’s wife) a Fistula Clinic (Men, ask the ladies in your life what that is!) for the ladies of Bungoma County. Many had been sick for a lot of years. We contributed beds and linen, plus an inspection lamp for the outreach. Over 40 operations were done over 4 days and many ladies who had suffered for years were healed.


From New Zealand….

Our friend Jan who came for a considerable time. She fell in love with the place and wants to come back regularly for long periods to work in the hospital…. Also, Niall McCormack, from Specsavers, Hastings NZ, a great supporter and also a publicist for Africa and us, came for 1 night. He is willing to speak to groups and meeting in the Hawkes Bay area. Sadly, I have no photo on my camera of Niall with our girls he sponsors in their university training for Ophthalmology.

And from The Netherlands….

Bert and Nancy, the newlyweds, and Vincent, who looked after us so well when we visited his country, came for the Bible School graduation for the School on the compound on which we live. Always really good to see them.


Through our extended partnership with CBMNZ and special donors, we are now able to offer all Kiwis both a 1:1 subsidy on all donations for this vital project, PLUS a Tax Receipt, to enable you to claim up to a 33% TAX REBATE!

The ward is a vital facility, required in order to do large numbers of cataract operations, enabling those who come from a distance to stay for 2 nights, to ensure that the operation has been successful. Additionally, it will enable us to close our current temporary ward so that our 2 Operating Theatres can be developed in that area. Any surplus donations will be used to complete the Eye Hospital and buying more equipment for it. A big thank you to CBMNZ for making these new payment methods and Tax Rebates available to us, and of course, for contributing greatly to the cause.

Contact and Donations

We would appreciate it, if you so wish, to write to us confirming your donation so that we can thank you directly. Write to David and Kathy Tait, PO Box 2, Webuye, Kenya.

So it’s…. Cheers from Him and Love from Her, David and Kathy

Should you wish to continue donating direct (without a tax deduction) our bank accounts are: New Zealand Bank, Walking With Jesus Ministries, WESTPAC, Greerton, A/C 03-1549-0018667-001, and our Kenyan $US Account is Kingdom Health CBO, KCB BANK, 332 50205 Webuye, Kenya, BANK 011886:60, A/C 1232872865, Swift Code KCBLKENX01.