A universal language

Music is a universal language that enables individuals from all around the world to celebrate the blessings that they receive from love and to express happiness in their lives and their devotion to others. Its various melodies and rhythms and lyrics are usually brought together to express messages from one’s heart, which may range from loud messages of praise to more quiet messages of thoughtful reflection and poetic appeals. Various instruments can be used to express different musical sounds, but there is a special quality of sound that is created by humans expelling sustained flows of air across the vocal cords in their throats and through the chambers of their mouths. There are thousands of very talented and well trained musicians around the world who can express messages of great joy that can lift the spirits of their audiences and get their hearts and their feet to dancing. Individuals in different cultures have their favorite styles of music and they honor their most popular musicians with all kinds of awards and the purchase of their musical renditions. Musical concerts by many professional musicians attract large crowds, and other private groups of bands and orchestras regularly inspire gatherings of their fans in small “clubs” and halls in cities throughout the world. Instrumental music is commonly played in TV dramas to emphasize an appropriate mood. A musical message is hard to ignore.

A heavenly message

There is something special about the music of Christians and Jews as it is expressed week after week as they gather in their churches and synagogues to worship God and to encourage each other in their fellowship. Music is a special part of their weddings, and it can also provide some comforting blessings at their funerals. The music of such groups can vary in its style, with some being more popular with some people than with other groups of people. Some of their musicians have achieved the status of professionals while others remain as gifted amateurs, but that seldom has anything to do with the quality of their messages. The religious music of such groups may seldom get people dancing, but it can often lift their spirits with a blessing of divine joy or bring a tear of humble repentance and prayer. A variety of musical instruments are used in the expression of such religious music, including guitars and drums, but organs and pianos are common favorites and some churches provide full orchestras for the music in their services. The “Hallelujah Chorus” is probably one of the greatest Christian hymns ever composed, but others, like “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art” and “Fairest Lord Jesus” and “In the Garden” and “The Old Rugged Cross” and “Just As I Am”, express great messages of blessing to many. The sound of Christians or Jews singing together can have a special impact on those who are sharing in it that is deeper than the experience of just listening to someone proclaim the good news of God’s grace and love or an appeal for greater acts of devotion and service.

I can believe that the kingdom of God will be filled with music that is beyond anything that human beings have composed here on earth, even with the inspiring blessings of the Spirit’s anointing. There will be something absolutely glorious about the sounds of angels and transformed human men and women and children lifting their voices together in praise to God and to his Son, Jesus. And the lyrics of such music will be able to finally express the perfect and complete quality of God’s enduring and patient love and grace that is fully balanced with his holy purity and sovereign justice. A heart that is full of music that praises God is a great testimony to the priceless value of his gifts of grace and transforming love that he has given to those who have accepted his invitation to trust him. And this message is the one that will fill his kingdom when it is finally established.

I encourage you to listen to some Christian music. It will lift your spirit and its messages can be forever good.