It is good news when...

1. God tells you that your sins are forgiven.
2. your father gives you a big hug and says “I love you.”
3. your doctor gives you a report that is better than either of you expected.
4. your spouse or child comes home from the war alive.
5. your mechanic tells you that he did not find anything new that was wrong with your car.
6. your young child says “I’m sorry” for some hurtful thing that he did without being instructed to do so.
7. you get home safely from a family vacation.
8. the telephone call at 9 P.M. is from a friend who says “I am praying for you.”
9. the manager says “You’re hired.”
10. your spouse says “Thanks” for something unusual that you did.
11. your friend calls saying “How are you? I've missed you.”
12. the person behind you in the check-out line at the supermarket taps you on the shoulder and says, “Excuse me, I think that you dropped this bill.”
13. you encounter some adversity, because it is an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons.
14. your stolen car is recovered within a day because someone reported to the police that it was being dismantled in their neighbor’s driveway.
15. you can get out of bed in the morning refreshed and ready for a brand new day.
16. your grown child calls, saying “I would like to come home for a few days, and I don’t need any money.”
17. what was lost is found, whether it was some money, your keys, or your child.
18. it has been five years, and you are still free of the cancer that you had.
19. God meets your need for daily food (see Matthew 6:11 in the New Testament).
20. your real young child takes his/her first step.
21. in the face of a disaster, your insurance agent says, “You are fully covered.”
22. you are rescued from a perilous situation.
23. the electricity is restored after a power outage.
24. your teen-ager talks to you about his/her daily events.
25. your phone service is restored.
26. your grown child sends you a letter thanking you for teaching him/her to budget his/her allowance when he/she was a teen-ager.
27. your guests arrive and also when they leave.
28. you learn how to fix a delicious meal.
29. your new software program works the first time you use it.
30. you stop feeling like a victim even though life is not fair.
31. a tip leads to the prevention of a terrorists’ plot for an act of great violence.
32. grandchildren go off to colleges dedicated to making the world a better place in which to live.
33. an orphan is adopted.
34. your medicine works and you begin to feel better.
35. the computer technician is able to find and remove all of the viruses that had infected your computer.
36. your blood test shows that the dangerous level of cholesterol in your body has been reduced to within a “desirable” level.
37. all of the lights on the Christmas tree are consistently working as they should.
38. all of the relatives are happy as they are engaged in the preparations for the Christmas festivities.
39. the Christmas celebrations are over and you are ready for the new year with enough money to pay for the credit-card charges.
40. your memories give you a boost rather than drag you down.
41. the storm is over and the sun is shining again.
42. spring comes and the days get longer and warmer.
43. someone gives you something that you need without them being asked for it.
44. a person whom you love falls, but nothing gets broken.
45. you are told that you can go home after you have been on an assignment away from home.
46. you have made some new friends.
47. God has come into your life and your home; Merry Christmas.
48. you are able to eliminate the persistent problem that you have been having on your computer and you have learned something in the process.
49. you can share some good news with someone who does not have any.
50. a delicate tulip survives a violent hail storm that breaks your siding.
51. you can share in joyous fellowship with your mother who loves you even though you are not always lovable.
52. you and your friend apologize to each other over a misunderstanding.
53. the sound of explosions and a red glare in the sky signal a celebration and not a war that is raging in your neighborhood or town.
54. the high cost of a gallon of gas forces a lot of consumers to reevaluate the priorites of their extravagant life styles.
55. you realize that there is a place where your “treasure” will be safe for eternity, that is in heaven with God.
56. a very hard-fought election is over and new leaders will be given the challenge to lead; may they do so with some divine wisdom.
57. the operation was a success even though the healing process is painfully slow.
58. you realize that being well is as much a matter of following a healthy life style as it is a matter of taking the right medicine.
59. we as a nation with a mix of very different people install as the president of the United States of America a person from such a different racial and social background as has been formerly done with a black American, Barack Obama.
60. your nightmare is only a bad dream and not your morning's reality.
61. Captain Phillips is rescued from his pirate captors and his courage and that of his crew and the U.S. Navy personnel is rewarded.
62. you realize that your living is what you do with each moment of each day as God gives them to you; have a good one.
63. you were raised by a godly mother.
64. you have your ears tuned to the wavelength for God's divine messages.
65. God reveals his will for you, because his special blessings will be experienced as you obey his loving instructions.
66. your badly infected tooth is pulled and the intense pain stops and the healing begins.
67. the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico has been plugged so that it is no longer leaking and it is about ready to be killed.
68. when 33 miners are being rescued from their caved in mine after 68 days of entrapment.
69. when your spouse makes it through surgery OK.
70. when the reigns of brutal dictators are terminated.
71. when you and your wife can watch her sister go "home" to be with the Lord after years of pain and disabilities in the "home" of her earthly body.
72. when you are told that you really are important to someone else. 73. when the cataract surgery on even one of your eyes makes your world so much brighter and sharper.
74. when the biopsy report from the examination of the mass on your pancreas does not indicate any sign of cancer.