GOD IS THE ONLY BEGINNING of everything that is.
GOD, THE FATHER, IS the supreme ruler of everything that is.
GOD, THE SON whose name IS JESUS, is the physical image of THE FATHER.
GOD, THE SPIRIT, IS the dynamic powerful agent for everything that happens.

At the center of GOD IS his BEATING HEART.
And the quality of that BEATING HEART and all that surrounds it IS PURE HOLINESS.
And the expression of that Beating Heart IS PERFECT LOVE, which holds everything together.
And the strength of that Beating Heart IS TRUE JUSTICE.
And the duration of that Beating Heart IS FOREVER.

GOD’S throne is in HEAVEN.
The evidence for GOD’S ISNESS is displayed in CREATION.
GOD’S glory and love is manifested in his work of REDEMPTION of human sinners and the world in accord with his grace.
The evidence for his work is displayed in THE CHURCH, the "BRIDE" for his SON.
And the record of GOD’S revelation is given in THE BIBLE.

GOD IS known and a personal relationship with GOD IS established through THE WAY.
The solid foundation for GOD and everything about him and his work is THE TRUTH.
And the force for GOD’S work of CREATION is expressed in THE LIFE.
And the procedures for accomplishing each of these activities is fulfilled IN JESUS.
And the celebration for the completion of GOD’S work will be experienced by GOD’S FAMILY.

GOD’S partners in his work of REDEMPTION are the WITNESSES to his grace in JESUS.
GOD’S glory will be displayed by the accumulated treasures of his faithful STEWARDS.
GOD’S justice will be displayed by his final JUDGMENTS of Satan, evil angels, and unredeemed sinners.
GOD’S victory is seen in the RESURRECTION OF JESUS and it will be further seen in the establishment of THE KINGDOM OF GOD on this earth under the rule of Jesus and GOD’S creation of a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH.
And GOD’S ANGELS and FAMILY will sing their songs of PRAISE to him throughout eternity.