What is important?

What is important to you?

I assume that you are daily engaged in various personal efforts to accomplish and to gain those things and benefits that you recognize as being important to your style of living in this world. As a young child, you probably didn’t hesitate much to make your wants known to your parents. But as you grew older you probably found it more challenging to get others to pay attention to your requests and to meet your ongoing needs, so the effort to get what is important to you became more personally intense.

As an adult, I understand that you probably have some “chores” or responsibilities that you recognize that you must complete or address on a regular basis that are not on your list of “important” or “favorite” things to be doing each day. But I assume that the way in which you complete these “chores” or approach these responsibilities is in some direct way connected to what you consider to be “important” in your life. The quality and duration of your daily efforts are certainly a good indication of what is important to you.

What is important to others?

Everyone has a personal need to survive each day, so efforts to gain the necessary resources for doing that become very important in one’s daily activities. And it may be a good idea to evaluate from time to time how you are going about that effort, particularly if your efforts are not producing the necessary benefits. But once these needs are regularly met, then a different level of needs for personal comforts and pleasures become “important”.

It would be great if the circumstances that seem to affect many of our daily activities would just stabilize, but they often seem to be somewhat unstable and rapidly changing. So we are constantly being forced to adjust to these changing circumstances as we seek to accomplish and to gain what has ongoing “important” benefits and value for us in our daily lives.

So what is important to you in your daily life? What quality of living are you really seeking to achieve each day? What is important to others? Let’s talk about this.

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