Weather an uncontrollable force

It’s nature

Weather is a daily event in your life that is caused by tremendous forces of nature over which you have no control. The effects that it has in your life will depend upon where you live in respect to the normal climatic conditions that occur in your area of the world. The moving air that brings the various natural elements of water vapor and temperature across your area may be mild most of the time, which would allow you to be fairly comfortable on most days. In other areas the content of this moving air and its temperature would be significantly changed by the effects of the sun upon it at different times in the earth’s rotation around the sun, so you would experience some seasonal changes in the daily weather that occurs in your area. These changes may include the possibilities of storms, even some that could be severe like tornadoes or hurricanes, or they might even be mild enough to enjoy like the changing colors of the leaves on the trees. In any case, the daily weather patterns that occur in your area are probably going to affect what you and your children wear for the day, maybe what you eat, perhaps what you do particularly in regard to your choices for recreation, and what sports you get to watch on tv. It is evident from various news reports that severe storms can be extremely destructive to structures and even be very deadly to those who don’t move out of their way or take some protective shelter from their forces.

Your responses to the weather

If the daily weather that you experience in your area doesn’t pose any personal threat to you, you probably just take it as it comes, maybe enjoying some of its pleasant changes, and go through your day as your normally would. If the possibility of a storm is forecast, you probably dress for it if you have to get out. If the storm might be severe, you may even make an effort to prepare your house or business from its damaging forces before you leave the area. If a severe storm impacts your area, you may have to make a great personal effort to recover from its damaging effects on your property and life. In any case, weather is a personal experience that can at least affect one’s mood, so a person can seldom be neutral about it.

Let’s talk about this

How is the normal weather like in your area? What is good about it? How do you respond to storms? If you have ever suffered some personal damage from a storm, how did you recover from it? How dependable are the weather forecasting crews in your area? How helpful are your neighbors in helping each other recover from the damaging effects of storms in your area? It would be good to talk about our responses to these forces of nature over which we have no control.

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