Volunteer Assistant

Volunteer Assistant

I am looking for a volunteer assistant who is a computer technical savvy person willing to work with me as my assistant to help me to expand the outreach and impact of this website. I am the webmaster of this website and alone responsible for its contents. I have written its content and designed the display for its basic pages, including the writing of the appropriate files of codes. I’m looking for someone who can help me to move to another level of effectiveness, although I realize that this website will never be greatly “popular”.

As the Volunteer Assistant you will help me enhance this website

(I’m thinking that it would be well for this website to offer ebooks and probably videos to its viewers. The audience for this website is far from local. It is in fact international. For the month of April it had a high rank for the phrase “Christian faith” on several search engine. The “awstats” for April show an average of 151 “unique visitors” a day, who visited an average of 2.47 pages per visit, and spent an average of 4 minutes per visit on this site. And they were attracted to this site only by its content, because there is no paid advertizing to promote this site. Right now all of the resources that are provided on this site are freely available to interested viewers, but we may have to begin to make some minimum charges for some new or improved resources to an expanded “market”.

Although this website has a “Christian” label, it is not exclusively published for Christians. It is somewhat of a “department store” for what is “good”, which may not always be “popular”. Although it is published from the USA and probably reflects some of its common cultural features, my intent for it is to enable it to transcend such “cultural” features with a more international human perspective. Of course my assistant will have to share this objective and perspective with me. We will not be interested in just “selling” another “made in America” product!

If you are interested in the possibility of serving as a volunteer assistant

Please use the “Contact Form” to contact me and give me some personal details regarding your computer experience and why you would like to serve in this position. I’ll then be glad to discuss this further with you.

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