The widespread and growing popularity of twitter reminds me of a noisy flock of birds in my neighbor’s tree on a warm summer evening. There is a lot of noise, but I’m not sure it has any benefits, either to them or to me.

I don’t participate in twitter exchanges

I don’t believe that anyone can share in a meaningful discussion where one’s remarks are limited to 140 characters. I’ve used a lot more than that number just to state my concern regarding this matter. There is a lot of tweeting going on regarding a whole lot of political legislation and various statements and actions of our politicians, but I don’t see much beneficial change taking place from all of this “noisy” talk. Let us talk about what is good in your life. I won’t limit you to 140 characters. Why do you think twitter is flawed as a means of communicating meaningful things with one another? I would like to know what you find that is really good in your life and what makes it good. Let’s talk.

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  1. I enjoyed the article and thanks in pourboire to posting such valuable info emoluments of all of us to skim, I beget it both of let something be known and communicative and I method to systematize it as often as I can.

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  3. I recognized this morning that it is not the single tweet of 140 characters that can make much difference in regard to anyone’s interests, problems, concerns, or observations, but it is the massive number of tweets on a matter that can draw attention to it that may lead to some resolution of the problem or at least a wise and constructive strategy for dealing with the concern or promoting the interest. Tweeting is obviously a very popular social activity, like talking, and the number of people involved in a conversation or discussion of anything can make a difference in how it is regarded. I’m not quite ready to establish a twitter account of my own, but I’m still ready to talk with anyone about this matter and what we can do to bring some good into people’s lives. Let’s talk about this.

  4. Jessica,
    What do you think needs to be done by the government or by relatives or friends or neighbors to bring more good into people’s lives? Be specific. Let’s really talk about this.

  5. How could I have missed this blog! Its incredible. Your design is flawless, like you know exactly what to do to do make people flock to your page! I also like the perspective you brought to this subject. Its like you have an insight that most people haven’t seen before. So great to read a blog like this.

  6. This reads like a “tweet” with some big and some new words, but all without much good value. Weeds may be fragile when compared to some other plants, but they are certainly very prolific and easy to grow, which doesn’t say anything about their value. Ask any farmer whether it is easier to grow weeds than to grow corn. It is certainly easier to publish “tweets” than it is to write and to publish a book or a blog or a website of wise advice and good information. The difference between words that have good value and those that are only noise is the reason why many readers of material on the internet have filters against “spam” and bookmarks for published materials that are of value. The yellow flower of a dandelion may have some beauty, but it doesn’t have the same value as the flower on a branch of an apple or orange tree in someone’s orchard. Everything is exposed sooner or later, and even the most carefully guarded secrets have their active consequences, so what one trusts should be more substantial than what is just exposed to the air or popular perceptions or the publications of the mass media. Fossil, please translate your comment into a statement that has a more clear and simple value to it. What do you really trust in your life?

  7. Thanks for the compliment. I’m not sure what there is in this brief post that you want to quote; but , if you do quote in somewhere, please note the source with a link back to my complete post. I would be interesting in seeing any published quote from this post, so you can send it to me in an email message.

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  9. Thanks for your interest and your compliment regarding my design. I’m not interested in changing my design, because I’m still trying to learn how to use all of its features and options. I had to edit your comment, because I’m not going to promote your site and its business. But I would be glad to discuss this topic with you.

  10. Thanks for the compliment regarding my writing. In regard to your question, I don’t have any “prediction” regarding this matter. The “first point” and the basic “point” of my post is that there is a lot of brief comments being made on Twitter and other Social Networks about a lot of serious problems in our society and I don’t think that such brief comments can make much of a difference in anyone’s life. For example, there has been a lot of talk about the lack of jobs for American workers, but I don’t see that this talk has made much difference in the problems of the unemployed in our country. In spite of all the comments that have been made regarding my post, no one has really given me a particular statement regarding anything that he or she feels is “really good” in his or her life and what makes it good.

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  12. Binaural Beats,
    You have made a “good” comment regarding my post, because you have given me a specific answer to my questions regarding “what is really good in your life and what makes it good”. I agree that listening to classical music and watching a beautiful dance troupe can sooth one’s thoughts. It is probably better to meditate on what has authentic “beauty” than it is to meditate on or to watch what is composed or performed to appeal to one’s thoughts of lustful conquests. So music that provides such “good” benefits is better than a lot of “noise” that only has a beat to it. Let’s continue this discussion.

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    • Hello my friend,
      The point of my blog is to get people to give some careful thought about what is good in their lives and to discuss some of these common matters and concerns with me and other readers. You have submitted a lot of comments to my blog that you attached to various posts, but in most cases you do not make any direct comment regarding the subject of my post. So I have to conclude that you are not really interested in the subject of my post, but only another spammer. I don’t need any affirmation of my writing ability. I’m a professional. If viewers want some specifics about my blog or website, I invite them to use the Contact Form, and I will be glad to answer their questions. I hope that you understand the purpose of my posts. I appreciate your interest.

  16. I use twitter to follow certain famous or not so famous people (my daughter). Sometimes I enjoy hearing their activities, thoughts and perspectives. Sometimes they reveal some personal aspects of their life – surprising – but I guess that it reveals they are human. They could be sports people, political, city organizations – all types. Sometimes the only way I know something important about someone I care about is JUST BECAUSE I use twitter.

    I use twitter to communicate some things like inspirational quotes, or activities for our neighborhood group that I chair.

    I also use twitter for marketing purposes, which is the best, because it goes around the world and its free.

    As far as the 144 characters go… most people refer to another website using a short link such as This short url refers to a full length URL. When people click it, they can read a full website. I will use it right now to post a tweet about this blog. If you suddenly get many more hits to this blog, you know why twitter is helpful.

    In this way people have “conversations”. Definitely not the traditional way of communication. However, you can communicate with the entire planet in seconds. Nothing else even comes close – not even facebook. When else in the history of the world can the entire electronic population see the same message at the same time? We can’t even see the sun or the moon at the same time.

    Do people’s lives change because of twitter? Some have – when they made a terribly bad mistake and lost their political job. Can they be made better? I’ll find out soon as I start to use it for qualified leads to my site.

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