Transgender rights

Should they be legally established?
Basically I recognize that the transgender factors that effect the rights of individuals who believe that they are really of a different gender than what they physically appear to be is more mental than it is physical. This means that although a person may have a penis and testicles, this person really believes that “he” is a woman and not a man. Or although a person may have fully developed breasts and a vagina, “she” really believes that “she” is a man.

These factors of physical sexuality do not have the same legal status as do the physical characteristics that are evident with a person’s racial identity. I don’t believe that it is legally recognized that a person with “black” skin and other negro features should be legally regarded as being “white” just because he or she thinks that he or she is “white” and wants to be treated and regarded as being “white”. But it has been legally recognized that such “black” persons should have the same civic rights as “whites” because their racial characteristics are “normal” and they should not be legally abused or personally disrespected for displaying them or accepting them. Prejudice against a person because of his or her race, whether “black” or “white” or “brown” or “light” should be legally prohibited, because that is a “normal” factor of his or her conception and birth that is not a matter of his or her mental perception.

A transgender attitude of identification by a person should not be given legal status for civic rights, because it is not a “normal” factor of his or her conception and birth. Just because all human beings have nipples, both women and men, doesn’t make them all females. It only means that in the process of their conception and early development this female factor of their sexuality got initially established while other such physical factors took longer to be established and developed. Factors of racial physical characteristics can also be mixed in individuals, so many “black” individuals have some “white” genes in their DNA and many “white” individuals may have some “black” genes in their DNA. Or other individuals may have mixed racial factors in the composition of their DNA’s identifying make up. But the physical presence of these different genes is not given legal status in the civic rights of individuals with mixed racial genes in their bodies just because they think that should be regarded and treated as persons with some preferred “racial” characteristics. Questions or confusion regarding a person’s gender should be recognized as a mental disorder that is not “normal”. Technically such a mental state is referred to as transsexualism, which is best treated by a psychiatric examination and possible hormonal or surgical treatments. There is no good reason from professionals who understand this condition why individuals who suffer from this “mental disorder” should be given any legal rights to enter any private or semi-private space that has been reserved for persons of the opposite gender for which they have initially been identified.

Let’s talk about this
Legal efforts to allow transgenders to enter the personal space of others who are identified as members of the “opposite” gender are not professionally justified. And restrictions on such activity by transgenders is not a matter of discrimination that should be addressed by any civic laws. Let’s talk about this.

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