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Should I continue this blog?

Since I’m not receiving much interest in my blog from viewers, I’m wondering whether or not I should continue to take the time and to make the effort to maintain it and to add new posts to it. I have a couple of hundred “subscribers” to it, but I don’t see where many of them are leaving any comments on my posts. I understand that some viewers will not choose to leave comments on any post that they view. I don’t understand why some viewers would make the effort to leave “spam” on one or more of my posts, when it only takes about the same amount of effort to leave a “comment”. And “spam” is only deleted with no benefit to anyone while “comments” are cited and listed with some notice being given to the “commentator”.

I know that my blog is probably not well cited in the social media, but I still recognize that its posts represent matters that are of keen interest to a lot of viewers on the internet. Note particularly these two posts that are currently receiving a lot of attention in our popular media: gun control and banning gay marriages. I’m particularly interested in getting people to talk with me and others about these issues and others and basically what is “good” in their lives. This shouldn’t be a boring matter for any discussions. And I’m not particularly committed to the position that I’m not the only person who has the “right” perspective on these matters, but I welcome civil discussions on these matters.

Let’s talk about these matters. Please let me know if you would like me to continue to publish this blog. I welcome your feedback regarding this blog. Thanks.

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  1. I like to read and learn from you Bob. I have been tied up and trying to get Cruz elected per, facebook, blogs. I did my best. I am sad about that, but what can you do! I enjoy your blog.

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