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Thanks for your reported interest in my website and blog. According to the Awstats for my website,, and its blog there were 100,459 “unique” viewers to this site in 2016. These stats also indicate that there were 164,717 “visits” to this site, and the “average viewing time” was 2.4 minutes. That means that the average viewer probably read at least one of my statements on this site during his or her visit. My statement on “faith” was apparently viewed by 24,738 individuals, “morality” was viewed by
23,193, and “redemption” was viewed by 16,986 viewers. According to stats from the Google search engine, my statement on “Christian faith” (at is ranked #6 out of 132,000,000 sites for this phrase. According to stats for the Bing search engine, my statement on “Christian morality” (at is ranked #4 out of 241,000 sites for this search phrase. And considerable views to various features of my blog were also noted among these stats. I think that these stats demonstrate some keen interest in my website and its blog.

Your particular interests and concerns
I would like to know more about these matters in order to provide more specifically helpful resources and discussion posts on my site and its blog. If you have any particular questions about Christianity, what are they? I will try to answer them for you. If you have some particular concerns about more secular or civic matters of your life, what are they? I would be glad to try to generate some discussion about them from “posts” that I would publish. The more I know about your particular interests and concerns, the more helpful I might be in what I publish on my site and its blog. Let’s talk about this.

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