Caught by a scam artist

I’m ashamed to admit that I got caught by a scam artist to whom I gave access to my computer. He claimed to be from Microsoft, and he informed me that my computer had been infected by some viruses that were not removed by my installed security program and that he could remove them for me. I gave him remote access to my computer, and he immediately upgraded my OS and installed a new cleaner program. He seemed to do some work on my computer and gave me a phone number to call if I had any questions. He also gave me the name and phone number for a technical service that could help me fix additional problems, if necessary. He took me to a check form for me to fill out in order to pay for his service. I had never used such a form to pay for any online services or programs before, but I filled it out. Since I accidentally entered the wrong account number for my bank, the transaction was not completed. This prevented him from wiping out our bank account, but I think that he had highjacked my computer. I was able to get my banker to change my bank account and get my local technician to remove all the programs and files that he had downloaded on my computer, so it was once again under my exclusive control and safe to operate. I was very lucky.

Recommendations to avoid scams

Don’t ever give complete personal identification information, particularly bank numbers, to anyone on online whom you don’t know or completely trust. If your computer seems to be encountering problems, run your installed security program to scan for possible causes of any problems and to have it remove the viruses or malware that may be causing them. If that doesn’t improve the operation of your computer, contact a local technician for his or her services. The operation of some features on your computer may just be hampered by unexpected corruptions in specific lines of code in the file where that feature is situated. If that is your situation, the members of 5 Star Support may be able to give you some helpful instructions for eliminating any problems. You can see their website and join their forum here: 5 Star Support. As you follow their instructions, you will remain in control of your computer and hopefully will be able to fix any simple problem. Technicians with your security program may also be helpful if the normal operation of their installed program doesn’t solve your problem. Keep your security program and operating system up to date and use passwords to protect access to important files programs and personal data on your computer.

Conclusion regarding scams

Attacks by scam artists on computers is a very common and serious problem. They are constantly changing their tactics and weapons and improving their skills in their thieving endeavors. Don’t expect a “stranger” to fix your computer from another computer when you don’t know who he or she is or where they are operating from. If you had some encounters with such scam artists, please feel free to add your suggestions for dealing with them to this post. Let’s talk about this. Your insights into this problem could be very helpful.

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