Right to work

There is no such benefit as a right to work

There is no one anywhere in the world, in any system of government, who has to pay you to go to work for him or her. There are individuals everywhere who need workers to help them to operate their businesses or to provide the services that they seek to provide, but they only hire workers to do so when they can reasonably expect to maintain a margin of profit over their costs, including that for labor, in their enterprise. And there is no one with any amount of experience, training, or documented credentials, including a union card, who can tell any entrepreneur or CEO or board or government agent that “you have to hire me”. Some individuals have discovered that even being part of a “family” that operates a “family-business” doesn’t guarantee them a job in the business when they are ready to go to “work”.

Unless someone is willing and able to give you what you need to survive from day to day in this world, you will be expect to get it yourself. The way that you must do that is to become active in the commercial marketplace by going to work, but the process for doing that is not a right that you can claim just because you have the need to work and you are personally ready to do so.

Many of the employment and economic problems that many Americans and other young adults are encountering in the world today are caused by their failure to recognize that no one owes them a job. So many individuals, business executives, politicians, economic advisers, and parents are struggling with the problems of unemployment and poverty for millions of people in America as well as other places in the world.

The right to work & laws

I don’t think that any legislative body anywhere can pass enough clearly stated fair rules for the operation of private and public businesses and services that will give everyone the right to work and solve these employment and economic problems that millions of people are facing. I think that the best that “we” (us citizens and politicians and educators and entrepreneurs) can do is to help everyone in the workforce, and those who are getting ready to enter it, understand that they personally must do the best that they can to prepare themselves to be a working contributing member of the society in which they live without expecting the process to be easy, quick, or secured by a lot of guarantees regarding its necessary detailed steps.

What do you think about this matter? What can be done to help unemployed individuals to secure work in a work environment when there is no right to work and no guarantees? Let’s talk about this.

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