Pornography is not a display of people making love, because love is not made through the physical stimulation of one’s genitals. Love is a shared experience between people whose spirits are bound together by ongoing commitments for caring, support, encouragement, kindness, selfless sacrifices and sharing of resources that extent beyond momentary moods of pleasure and needs.

The fascination with pornography that is evident in our society is great evidence of the seductive power of this form of communication. So thousands of adult men and women and youth and even children as they pass into the stage of their lives when they become aware of their sexuality are deceived into thinking that love is “made” by physical sexual relations.

And this deception has caused many individuals to ruin their lives with the ongoing pursuit of sexual pleasures, broken and unsatisfying relationships, and even some physical diseases and suffering. What a tragedy! And our society is even promoting this deception in the content of many courses in sex education that are offered in various schools and classes for the teaching of humanistic doctrines. And some of these courses and classes are being given to very young children.

Yet we seem to be very concerned about the sexual abuse of children and the rape of young girls and women, and cases of such behavior by adults are severely pursued and criminally prosecuted while our society continues to fill our channels of communication with “soft porn”, easy access to “hard porn” on the Internet, and deceptive courses in sexuality in our schools. These practices make no sense, and the sexual crimes that are being committed against children and men and women will only become more numerous and severe because of the widespread availability of pornography in our society.

Censoring Pornography?

Censorship of publications is not a “popular” solution to this problem, because of the importance of a right to “free” speech in our society. So only a few “filters” or rules are put into place to protect individuals from displays of pictures or the expressions of terms that are sexually too specific for release to the general public. But even some of these “rules” are not consistently enforced everywhere.

Expressions of sincere committed love can be shared in acts of physical sexual intercourse between a married man and his wife, but the value of such sharing may be more clearly displayed by their sharing of tender hugs and gentle caresses when the physical activity of sexual intercourse is no longer possible for them.

What we should do about pornography

I think that we need a very specific effort to counteract this deceptive display of pornography in our society by more courses and training in the morality of human sexuality and the enforcement of reasonable laws against the spread of this “poison” among our people, adults and youth and children. What do you think? What should be done about this problem in our society? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. Pornography is a common problem- among us. I myself- suffer with addiction. It is a common goal to ban pornography. I pray that you can accomplish your goals. I pray for your family. I pray for the sake of intention. God has a common goal for us all- to love one another. We can ( under Gods kingdom) get there. We can and we will.
    -Amen (all Gods people)

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