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The basics
There seems to be a high level of agreement among American citizens, legislators, and judicial officials that personal safety is a right to which everyone is entitled in our country. And it is generally recognized that it is the duty of legislators to pass laws that will make any action that threatens the personal safety of another person a crime. And it is the duty of all elected and appointed judicial officials to enforce these laws in order to secure the personal safety of the individual children, youth, and adults who live in these American states. It is also clearly understood by most mature individuals and government officials that it is a crime to take the life of another individual unless its necessity is specifically justified by laws of self defense or laws that authorize the use of such action by duly appointed officials for the common good of our residents. And this level of civic action is also implemented to prevent individuals from inflicting other degrees of physical and emotional harm or abuse on someone else by citing such actions as crimes that are subject to the imposition of personal restrictions on the freedom of anyone who has been judged to be guilty of such harmful or abusive treatment of someone else. It is also basically understood by all of these individuals that guns, knives, box cutters, clubs, stones, drugs, or any other item that can be used to kill or to harm another person cannot take any such action on its own apart from it being used by an individual for such an action.

Challenging details in the establishing of laws and order
There is some disagreement among legislators and mature adults regarding what types of guns should legally be available for purchase and personal use by individuals in these American states. For example, should the purchase of all guns that are designed to be used to automatically fire large numbers of bullets to inflict maximum harm or a violent death upon another person or living target be allowed to be purchased by any ordinary individual who is not authorized to use such weapons as part of their judicial or military duties? And there is some disagreement among such individuals regarding who should personally be legally allowed to purchase any gun. For example, should individuals with a particular level of mentally impaired functions for healthy decisions regarding their own safety or that of others be allowed to buy a gun or guns? There are laws against screaming “fire” in a crowded enclosure if there is none evident because of the potential harm that might be suffered by individuals who in their haste to escape personal injuries might act in disorderly and violent ways against themselves or others. But I don’t believe that there are any specific laws that make a person subject to any legal action for just expressing hateful words or being angry with someone else or being bitter about something that someone else has done to them, even if it was not justified or was unfair in accord with the details of the personal actions. And then we have the Constitutional right to personally purchase and to “bear arms” in a political system that is more committed to doing what is “popular” and able to be funded by the monetary policies of our divided government and people than what might be practical legal solutions to the threats to our personal safety that confront us all. And I’m not hearing a lot of reasonable proposals being offered by our legislators or politicians or even a majority of our mature citizens that could practically secure the right to personal safety for children, youth, and adults in our country no matter where they are at any particular point in their lives.

Let’s talk about this
What do you think of my perspective on this matter of personal safety for individuals in America? What reasonable laws would you propose to be enacted and consistently enforced by the appropriate legislative and judicial officials in our country that could provide a reasonable level of personal safety for everyone? For a previous post about this matter go to Let’s talk about this.

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  1. I have personal experience in one field of security that could provide some level of personal safety for students and staff in our public schools, and I haven’t heard it being mentioned in any of the extensive talk that is taking place regarding this matter. That would be the employment of trained and armed private security persons who would be assigned to monitor the entrance of every person coming into any public school building at anytime the building is open. They would be authorized to examine every person’s back pack and to stop any individual who is acting in a suspicious manner or who makes any sudden move to reach for something that might be considered to be dangerous. I have trained such security persons and served as an armed security office for a client of a private security firm. Many companies, businesses, and private residential facilities employ such security personal to provide for the safety of their customers and employees. I’m sure that the cost of providing one such armed security person at the entrance to a school building would be much less than paying for a professional armed law enforcement officer to provide such security or to arm several individual teachers or staff members to be authorized to provide armed protection to students and staff in any school. And if the presence and services of any professional law enforcement persons were requested to provide additional safety for persons who may be subject to violent physical harm, there should not be any confusion regarding who had a gun in that school facility.

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